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Eden has been providing shelving and services to customers in Europe since early 1990's. Over the past two decades we have gained considerable experience and extensive knowledge of the local markets, backed up by the expertise of the UK operations.

Some of Europe's largest retailers rely on Eden systems every day, in some of the most demanding store environments. Our high-quality, store-proven fixtures give you the best in reliability, consistency and performance.

We supply the Eden core shelving system to major retailers across Europe, providing a fast and flexible response to stores and installation companies throughout the continent. We also supply the Eden system to leading distributors throughout Europe.

Our customer portfolio in various European countries includes some of the largest retailers in grocery, DIY and health & beauty. As we follow agreements with our valuable customers, no names are listed on this page. Should you be interested in finding out more about our customer range, we will be happy to provide this information to you personally.