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EDEN brand

We are one of the manufacturers of the most modern shelf systems in Europe.

We make extensive use of our many years of experience. They were the basis for the establishment in 2007 of a production plant in Adamov, which enables us to serve customers throughout Europe. We are proud of our work, and every piece of store shelves from Adamov contains a visible label with the Eden logo.

Each day we make a maximum effort as a team to find a better way to offer ideal solutions for your business. All of this is done in accordance with the 80/20 principles. Our aim is to become a provider of attractive and innovative solutions for the business of your dreams.

We are prepared for all wishes. Our capacity in Adamov in the Blansko area includes:

  • 6808 m2 of production area for large-series production of shelves,
  • 7059 m2 of storage spaces,
  • 299 m2 of administrative facilities.


To become the most compelling, innovative and smart* solutions provider for retail of the future.

*smart = a better way


Every day, as a team we seek a better way with integrity, commitment and compliance,
focused on our 80/20 principles delivering smart solutions to retail.

Company history


Company foundation stone

On 29 February 2000, we founded EDEN Europe.

Part of the Marmon Retail Services Group

In 2003 we became part of the Marmon Retail Services Group. This international association encompasses independent production and service companies. Its total turnover is nearly $8 billion.

Commencement of production

In 2007 we began production activity in Adamov. We settled in the empty spaces of the former Adast area.

Site reconstruction

In 2009, we created a new appearance for our building in Adamov.

Building expansion

In 2019, we plan to complete the logistics facilities. By doing so, we will be finishing the last phase of our long-term plan for reconstruction and expansion of the site.

Green politics

We are participating in the effort to save the world in which we live for our children and future generations. We closely examine the environmental impacts of our actions and adapt the running of our company to them.

We are not indifferent:

  • We recycle water, which we use during product manufacturing.
  • We separate waste from all sectors of production and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We have been gradually reducing the energy demands of our production. This includes demand for natural gas, heat and electricity. For example, We use heat from our painting line also to heat water at the site.

Important sites

Eden UK

Eden UK is our sister company in England. Thanks to its many years of experience with the production of shelf systems, both companies are able to fulfil all of your projects and wishes. Besides experience, we also share values regarding care for the environment. We continuously strive to reduce the amount of generated waste and our overall environmental footprint.

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The Marmon Group

We are part of The Marmon Group, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This multinational corporation is the umbrella organisation for more than 125 companies, which do business absolutely independently in various industrial sectors. It employs more than 20,000 people worldwide, and in recent years it has achieved turnover of approximately $8 billion.

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