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Eden for Adamov

We think of the legacy that we will leave our children. Therefore, we are pleased to invest in the revival and development of the town centre and mainly in its youngest inhabitants, who represent the future. We want to be an equal neighbour of Adamov’s inhabitants. In regular discussions with the town’s leadership and with citizens, we are gaining foundations for future development of the town, and we constantly strive to make this vision a reality.

We care about the environment in which we live. That is why we are the first company in Central Europe to invest in the most modern technology, which eliminates the odour footprint from a painting line. Together with interested parties from the town’s leaders and inhabitants, we have organised regular walk-throughs, during which we have not discovered any negative impacts of the odour footprint from our line.

We are part of efforts to make the town greener

We have contributed during the development of a biocorridor in the centre of Adamov and relaxation zones in the park, and together with the town we have planted trees along the site. During the liquidation of the old production facility, we changed the demolition plan, when nesting martins appeared at the site. These useful birds help eradicate unwanted insects, and we wanted to enable the birds to carry their offspring from the nest without disruption.

We have decorated the boring storage facility with billboards comprised of paintings from local children. We wanted to make people’s trips to work, shopping and relaxation in the park more pleasant. The paintings come from a children’s creative art club in Adamov. We like this event very much, and we are one of its main partners. Choosing four from the numerous beautiful paintings and drawings that will appear at the art exhibit is no easy task.

We have also invested in the First Aid Colouring Books, , published by the Czech Red Cross.

In the past we have organised an open house event, during which former employees of Adast had the opportunity to view the new appearance of the spaces where they worked during much of their lives.

For the year 2017, we have published a calendar, , which compares historic and new photographs of Adamov, and we passed them out to all households for free.