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We offer you complete service: product installation, logistics, auditing of shops and overall project management.

Project Management

The key to a successful project is a correct understanding of the customer’s actual needs. We are able to manage the entire project management process related to delivery of our products. This is also made possible by good relationships with European store chains and distributors.


We have more than 25 years of experience with implementation of shelf systems in retail and wholesale environments. Whether alone or in cooperation with certified distributors, we offer installation and local support in most of the countries of Europe.


We very well understand the importance of correct timing of orders before the opening of a new store. Therefore, are transport partners are evaluated based on the accuracy of deliveries and their prices. It is important for us for the process of your planned commencement of sales not to be disrupted.

Packaging and handling

We have available 7059 m2 of modern storage spaces. Our packaging rules ensure safety during shipping and handling, a process carried out by our professional team with a focus on ensuring your maximum satisfaction.