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There is no Planet B. That is why at Eden Europe we take sustainability and social responsibility seriously and subject all our activities to strict criteria accordingly. In production, we use high quality materials and technologies that reduce our ecological footprint. Every day we try to do everything we can to burden our Earth as little as possible.

We continue to search for new ways to reduce our energy dependency. We use the heat generated by our paint line, for example, to heat the water on the premises. We also use systems to minimise odour traces from the paint shop and for heat recovery.

We adhere to the strictest anti-odor and noise limits.

Every small step counts

  • We meet the strictest emissions limits and stay below one tenth of the legal limits.
  • In our fleet you will find, above all, ecological electric trucks.
  • We sort waste from all production areas and dispose of it ecologically.
  • For product packaging we use, for example, special stretch foils, which are characterised by their higher strength, lower overall waste rate at the customer and lower CO2 consumption during production.
  • We advocate “paperless and zero plastic waste”. We try to avoid the unnecessary printing of documents and, where possible, keep them only in electronic form. If we cannot avoid printing, we use special recycled paper, the production of which seeks to eliminate CO2 consumption.
  • We support the reduction of plastics within the company. To prevent the unnecessary use of PET bottles, we have installed a system with high quality filtered drinking water.
  • We also think about our ecological footprint with regards to transport. That is why our products go to European customers direct. We therefore avoid the unnecessary production of emissions and other pollutants arising from transport to distant locations.
We sort waste in all sections of production.
We recycle the residual steel thoroughly.

As a company, we continue to invest in innovative green solutions for a better future. Why? Because we also want our children to be able to live here happily. Read more about us or have a look at what we do for Adamov, where we work.